Match movies and subtitles from their names

This project is maintained by alexprengere


This is a Python utility to match movies and subtitles inside a directory, based on their names. It is specially useful for series with lots of subtitles.

The output is a shell script containing the right mv commands.


$ python install --user


$ submatch -h
usage: submatch [-h] [-l L] [-r] [-z] [-n] [-N]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help       show this help message and exit
  -l L, --limit L  Change lower bound for matching ratio. Default is 0.6.
                   Matches below that percentage are automatically excluded.
  -r, --reverse    Reverse the logic of renaming. With this option, movies are
                   renamed, not subtitles.
  -z, --zip        Change the logic of matching. Zip the sorted list of movies
                   and subtitles instead of match on names. This will not use
                   -l/--limit option.
  -n, --numbers    Change the logic of matching. Use numbers in names to
                   perform the matching. This will not use -l/--limit option.
  -N, --no-ext     Consider files with no extension as movies.


Suppose you have some movies and subtitles:

$ touch tata.avi titi.sub toto.avi TUTU.AVI

After installation, just run the tool in the folder:

$ submatch
# Unmatched subtitles:
# [      ] ./titi.sub                                                  
# Unmatched movies:
# [      ] ./tata.avi                                                  
# Matching results with method "NAMES":
#  * column 1  : Levenshtein distance between movie name and sub name
#  * column 2  : '✓' if movie name and sub name contain then same numbers
#  * column 3+ : [numbers] movie ... [numbers] sub (color based on numbers)
# 100.0% ✓ [      ] ./toto.avi              [      ] ./
#  72.7% ✓ [      ] ./TUTU.AVI              [      ] ./

# Actual moves proposed
# Already good: "./"
mv "./" "./" 

You can then actually perform the move like this:

$ submatch | sh